Bacon, Noodles, Mushrooms, And A Spritz Of Love – Classic Carbonara

Who can resist a homemade pasta carbonara straight from Mom’s kitchen?

Definitely not me! I grew up in a household where everyone enjoyed a heartily made pasta dish every weekend. I remember how my brother and I used to fight over the last serving of Mom’s pasta carbonara… with me winning, of course. Every Friday, we used to sit down at the living room, watching a rerun of a TV series and talking about which type of pasta should go with lunch the next day. I know. TV series and pasta are two different topics, but hey, food and TV always complement each other!

Pasta was a serious business and we really took it seriously—from discussing the type of sauce to what type of pasta should be used.  Dad always preferred pasta with a red sauce, but my brother and I had always preferred the white sauce. He also always preferred the traditional spaghetti pasta while my brother and I preferred fettucine. It’s always two against one so we had always won! I will never forget how Mom’s Carbonara had always melted in the mouth. She was always generous with the sauce and the bacon—the ultimate deciding factors on how good a carbonara would be! I have been looking all over until I finally found this simple recipe that was close to that homemade creamy goodness.




Quick Tip: Add milk if you prefer a thinner sauce.