This 3-In-1 Breakfast, Lunch And Snack Recipe Will Make You Everyone’s Favorite Person

You can’t go wrong with bacon and cheese!

My son had a Valentine’s party at his school for his fifth grade class. I remember when I was in school, a party meant maybe some candy and a few cards that went around. Not these days. They really go all out. They were going to do a brunch for their party… I guess so that they could get it out of the way. It’s always nice when you know that all the kids have had the opportunity for a good breakfast too I bet. Well, when the sign in sheet came around, there weren’t many options left, so I just checked the box that said select your own. When I asked my son what he wanted to take in, he said cupcakes… of course.

I didn’t think that cupcakes were the best option, so I started to think of what else we could do with that for a breakfast option. That’s when I thought of a breakfast style muffin. What a fantastic idea!

I decided to go for bacon and cheese muffins because – well, how awesome is that? I wanted something easy to make too, so I knew I could have my boy help me in the kitchen.

He and I tossed these together in no time and he walked into the school with his head held high knowing he had made his own classroom treat!


Quick Tip: Use your own favorite cheese.