Potatoes And Cheese In A Casserole? Sign Me Up!

My family has always been so picky when it comes to eating, it makes my job as their momma and chef a bit difficult.  I mean, I have to balance making them healthy meals (or at least semi healthy), something that will keep them full and energized, and something that is relatively easy to make for a working mom who also has to care for her family.  All the while, making the kiddos (and even my husband!), something that they will actually like and want to eat. It has always been a struggle, but I have found tips and tricks to help me achieve the end goal: that they eat.

Well, I have searched high and low for healthy recipes to serve them, but they always stay away from things that look too healthy. What they actually like are casseroles, so I decided to give them a go. Anything to make them eat and actually enjoy dinner! Well, it has been a huge success and everyone loves to look forward to whatever casserole I put together.  They give me suggestions, fill me in on new ideas, and tell me what their friend’s mommas are making so I can make something similar.  I love that they enjoy eating now and make casseroles for them all the time!



Quick Tip: Add in a can of your favorite type of beans for extra hidden protein!