This Spicy Jalapeno Popper Casserole Will Blow Your Mind!

Get A Kick Out Of Dinner When You Serve This Heat-Inducing Casserole

My husband and I are most definitely NOT spicy food people.  We are not so fond of it and it really is not something that we make regularly.

However, we have children who adore spice. Is it just me or are kids these days funny with spicy foods because they just want to out do each other with how much of it they can consume? That is how it seems my kids are when they add some tabasco sauce to all the meals I make.  If we run out of tabasco, we are in trouble, big time!

Well, the other day my neighbor Molly called and said a friend had dropped off a casserole for her to have for dinner and although she was incredibly grateful, she could not eat it because of how spicy it was.

She offered it to me since she knows my boys love spice and I took it.  With three growing boys and a husband, you take all the free food you can get, ya know? Well, I brought it home, heated it through and kept it in the oven til they got home.  As soon as they walked through the door, they could smell the spice and the way it filled up the home. They were ecstatic.


Quick Tip: Add in any of your favorite toppings to this.