Perk Yourself Up With A Steamy Bowl Of Pasta E. Fagioli Soup

8 easy soup recipes pasta e fagioli soup

Growing up, we did not really have much of an Italian influence in our family since my grandparents are all from Spain, but somehow we always ended up eating Italian food anyways.

We had loads of pasta, meatballs, garlic rolls and tiramisu. Oh, and let’s not forget that gelato. Mmm, my absolute favorite. When I married my husband, one of the first things my father in law wanted to do was take us to a gelato place.

My father in law lives about 45 minutes away from us, but we decided we had to go because this place must be amazing. Well, when we got there, we were very pleasantly surprised. The place was called “Vaniglia e Cioccolato” which means Vanilla and Chocolate in English. It is family owned by Italians who moved here just a few years ago. Everything is authentic and real and just perfect. They have a Nutella gelato that is to die for. One other that we loved was the coconut.

They were real and so delicious. Well, anyway, one day they had soup and I knew I had to get an authentic bowl of Pasta e Fagioli soup. It was perfectly authentic and oh so delicious. I have never tasted a homemade bowl of soup that good!




Quick Tip: Make a side of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits with this one