Serve Your Sweetie A Slice Of This Honey Bun Bundt Cake

This Cake Is So Tasty It Might Make You Do A Backflip

This is a little embarrassing, but I think this fits the recipe for today. My parents have a secret endearment. Well, it’s not actually secret, but it’s something that they only use in front of the relatives. This still makes me cringe, but they’re my parents so I couldn’t do anything about it. My Mom calls Dad, “Bunsie”. It started back when I was in college. We were watching a movie where the main female protagonist kept calling her boyfriend, Honey Bunch. My Mom picked up on it and decided to call Dad Honey Bunch.

It irritated Dad actually. Because he’s not the type to use endearments. But my Mom’s really stubborn sometimes so she still kept calling him that. However one time, she had a pronunciation faux pas and said “Bunsie” instead of “Bunchy” from Honey Bunch. For some reason, my Dad accepted that so it stucked.

Yes, they’re still calling each other that up to this day. This Honey Bun cake reminds me of that endearment. While I will enjoy this cake without cringing, I will never be able to stop cringing over that term of endearment.  I hoep you enjoy this recipe!


Quick Tip: If you’re not a fan of cake mixes, no worries – sub in your favorite from scratch yellow cake recipe.