Pair Your Entree With These Mouthwatering Roasted Taters Smothered In Bacon

It’s Impossible To Resist These Crunchy Roasted Potatoes!

As kids, we act like adults sometimes. We tend to be so stubborn and so full of pride that we don’t realize it’s not really amusing. I see stubborn kids today too. My niece is an example of that. Sometimes it’s endearing, but sometimes, it’s not. I guess that’s the reason why most parents always end up scolding their children even in front of other adults. That’s what happened to Ricky, my friend Alton’s son.

His father brought her to our monthly dinners because he didn’t have anyone to look after him. His wife was out of town for a project and the babysitter wasn’t available. At first, Ricky was fine. He was behaved and was quiet. However, as the evening progressed, he started misbehaving. He started with a whine until he started doing things that caught his father’s attention.

Ricky even broke a vase, which was the last straw. Alton made him go to a corner and stand there until he learned to say sorry. He wouldn’t say sorry even though we knew he was the one who broke it. When it was time for dinner, Alton asked him to apologize again so he could eat.

All of his favorite things were on the table. There was pork roast, pasta, and his potatoes as side dishes. He didn’t want to at first, but his love for food had won. Ricky apologized to our friend and asked nicely to be served potatoes and a pork roast. His mood also seemed to improve after that. “All’s well that ends well”, I guess. A recipe for those tempting potatoes can be found on the next page.


Quick Tip: You may also add 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary in the roasting tray for additional flavor or a handful of chopped green onion.