Add Some Pizzazz To Your table With This Spicy Mexican Chicken And Rice Bake

I love Mexican food. I know, some people say it is not really Mexican food if it’s not from a truly authentic Mexican restaurant, but still, I cannot help but love a good burrito from Taco Bell, Lime or Chevies.

They are just so good, full of flavor and have lots of delicious spices to keep my belly happy and full.  I will do anything to get myself a burrito for lunch at any time of day. After lots of thinking, I realized, I have got to start making my own burritos at home so I can enjoy them at any time.

However, how could I do that so that they will really have that authentic flavor? Well, I started playing with recipes for refried beans until I found the perfect match. Then I went on to recipes for the rice that is packed inside.  My gosh, so good.

Lastly, I searched for the perfect recipe for that avocado lime sauce that is in the burrito.  It is tangy, and a little spicy which makes it absolutely perfect for a burrito.  The best part of this dish is the chicken, though.  That is what this recipe is all about.  The perfect chicken to stuff in your favorite burrito combination!




Quick Tip: Add any of your favorite veggies in this!