Holy Guacamole! This Cornbread Salad Is Amazing!

This is a great choice if you have to make and take a salad somewhere. It makes both a great presentation, and an awesome conversation starter. Everyone always has so many questions about this dish when I show up with it. If you’re ever a little nervous about going to a potluck, just trust me and show up with this. People will come to you. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve handed out copies of this. It sure is a crowd pleaser!

Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Group Recipes:

“Wonderful salad! Love the presentation! Love everything about it! Have had cornbread salad, but I like the Southwestern “twist”. :)”

You’re going to want to toss out your old recipe after making it this way I can bet!



1 pkg. ranch dressing mix

1 C. Daisy sour cream

1 C. Hellmann’s mayonnaise

1 pan cornbread

8 oz chopped green chilies

2 cans kidney or black beans, drained

1 green pepper, chopped

2 bunches green onions, chopped

3 lg tomatoes

2 cans sweet yellow corn, drained

12 slices Hormel bacon, cooked and crumbled

1 1/2 C cheddar cheese, shredded



Combine dressing mix, sour cream and mayo in advance and chill. Add green chilies to cornbread before baking, then bake, cool and crumble cornbread.

In a large bowl, layer ingredients in this order: half of the cornbread, kidney beans, green pepper, green onions, half of the salad dressing, the other half of the cornbread, tomatoes, corn, the other half of the salad dressing and the bacon.

Top with the cheese.




Quick Tip: Any shredded cheese you like works in here.

Thanks again to Group Recipes for this amazingly scrumptious recipe.