Easy, Cheesy Zucchini Casserole! Yum!


I love when the seasons change. It just feels so good to go outside when the cold weather has passed. I love that feeling of being able to walk outside in my backyard without shoes on. I just take in all of the fresh air and feel wonderful. It really gets me in the mood to want to take advantage of the warm air as much as I can. I feel happy if I am doing anything outside! I could be hanging clothes in the line and feel as jolly as ever.

One thing that I love with the changing of the seasons is the changing of my menu! I really love to put some of the regular meals on the back burner and throw some of those spring/summer meals into the mix. I know that my family loves to have me mix up the dinners too. My mind is swirling right now with all of the spring and summer dishes!

One of my favorite side dish casseroles to make is cheesy zucchini casserole! This casserole is so easy to make and is really delicious. It’s a break from the typical potato dish. This dish really does mimic an au gratin potato. You won’t even notice that it’s zucchini. All you will know is that you are eating something delicious that is melting n your mouth!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Butter Is Not A Carb.


Quick Tip: Add your favorite cheese into this mixture.