Sweet And Spicy Chili Is A Real treat For The ‘Ol Taste Buds

This sweet and savory chili is a great meal idea on any day of the week. I have even made it for our annual Super Bowl party and everyone loved it. Serve it with a variety of garnishments for big game day flavor! Don’t feel like you can only enjoy chili on a “chilly” day. I often make a big old pot of the hearty stuff throughout the entire year, even in the summer. It’s a filling meal, folks! C

I think a hearty bowl of sweet and spicy chili is the perfect remedy for cold days. Imagine eating this with your family while the snow is falling. Nice!



ground beef

bush baked beans honey & brown sugar,1-2 large cans

1- med. onion-diced

4-5 tablespoons McCormick chili powder

1-tsp-ground red pepper

1-2 large cans Hunt’s tomato sauce-do not use water in chili

4-6 jalapeno slices-more can be used depends on your taste

2-large tomatoes- diced

2-tablespoons Domino brown sugar

2-tsp. mountain ridge honey


put ground beef in large pan add enough water to cover. bring meat & water to a boil. stirring to loosen meat. when meat is done drain all water off. I even rinsh my in hot water to make sure all grease is gone.

Put the above ingredients in with meat & cook . the longer you cook the chili the better it taste.Serve with Hawaiian bread

Enjoy this is one of my family’s favorites.





Quick Tip: You can enjoy this sweet chili over rice or noodles if you’d like.