Make This Classy Dessert In Just 3 Easy Steps

My dad’s favorite dessert is Boston Cream Pie. He loves it in pie form and I think even more so in a doughnut. He is a huge fan and always checks to see if a restaurant is serving it. However, it does not seem to be that popular, because we rarely find it anywhere. We have searched endlessly at all the restaurants in our area and nothing. They do not serve it here.


Fast forward a couple of years and now I am married. Turns out my husband’s favorite treat is also Boston Cream Pie. He moved into Miami when we got engaged and I desperately wanted to take him somewhere that served his favorite dessert, but from experience with my dad, I knew we were not going to find it around here. I checked once again online, but nothing came up, so instead, I decided to make it for them both. I love eclairs so I decided to give it a cool twist between both desserts. I made a a Boston Cream Éclair Cake that is full of chocolatey and fluffy and custard goodness. You cannot go wrong with this one! It was a huge hit with my dad and husband, not to mention the whole family!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Through Her Looking Glass.




Quick Tip: Never frost a cake until it has completely cooled.

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