I Wouldn’t Share Just Any Mashed Potato Recipe And This One Is KING!

I love a good mashed potato. I mean, what can be better than a perfectly seasoned and cooked steak with a side of mashed potato.  Nothing right? You just cannot beat that amazingness. I love finding new ways to serve mashed potatoes, so I often head on over to Pinterest or call my neighbor Anne for a good recipe or idea.

Up until now I have mastered the art of mashed potatoes by boiling potatoes, draining them and then adding them to the bowl of my stand mixer with sour cream, garlic powder, butter, salt and parmesan cheese. Then I let the mixer whip them up giving me chunks of perfectly seasoned potatoes along with a wonderfully whipped mash.  There is just something so comforting about a good bowl of mashed potatoes like that.  More often than not, I eat half of my serving just standing at the mixer with a spoon.  And then after I finish my other half on my plate, I come back for more.  Well, I wanted to switch it up so I looked for a new idea for mashed potatoes and found THIS! Mashed potatoes in the crock pot! I mean, how much easier can it get? It cannot really.  But my question was the taste…would it be as good?

Photo and recipe courtesy of Little Spice Jar.




Quick Tip: Serve this with an at home BBQ and you have got a winner!


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