Peppermint And Chocolate On What?

Last month, I was enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home on the couch watching a Hallmark Channel movie with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. I was not really hungry so I passed on the salty treats, but decided to enjoy the hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream to make my afternoon special and fun. I was alone waiting for my husband to get home in my flannel pajamas and enjoying the time on my own.


That is when I saw a kid on a bike drive down the trail behind my house. It was little Johnny who’s family lives in the community next to mine. Our homes are connected by the trail. Little Johnny got off his bike and took a pink box off the back of his bike. He walked over and into my patio and knocked on my sliding glass door. I was a bit annoyed that someone would be disturbing my relaxing afternoon but I cannot say no to him. So I opened the door and little Johnny handed me the box with a note and went on his way. When I opened it, it was a beautiful chocolate cake covered in crushed candy canes. It looked so good! And guess what? It was!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Two Peas and a Pod.




Quick Tip: Never frost a cake until it has completely cooled.

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