5-Ingredient Mexican Queso, Straight Ahead!

5-ingredient recipes queso

Forget The Chips – All You Need Is a Spoon

Back when my sister and I started college, my parents placed many rules upon us.  Think, we were a pair of home schooled girls in dual enrollment so we were 14 and 15 years old among college aged students and older.  It was a crazy crowd and not always as pleasant as I expected college to be.  My mom had two main rules: she did not want us to draw attention to ourselves so as not to get ourselves into trouble and she did not want us to leave campus until our classes were over and we could go home.

My sister and I were never really the rebellious type, but after months of eating the same cafeteria food of chicken nuggets and pizza, we decided to disobey her and go out to eat.  We decided we’d go to the closest place we’d find so as not to spend much time off campus.  The first place we found was a Mexican restaurant called Moe’s.  And Moe’s had amazing queso dip.  We went for lunch, but I think the first day we loaded up on queso until we could not eat any more.  It was just that good.  We knew we would definitely be back.


Quick Tip: Feel free to add crushed red pepper flakes for an extra kick.

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