The Easiest Hawaiian Dessert You’ve Ever Made

My husband and I love going to Walt Disney World. Since we live in Florida Disney is just under three hours away. We have annual passes and know which resorts are the cheapest at what times. We go when the kids are in school and leave on a Friday and come back Sunday. Many times we eat in the parks on quick stands, but we love looking up menus to the different restaurants in advanced and finding a nice restaurant. We have really tried many of them, but Disney world is so large and keeps getting expanded, so there are always new places to try.


The restaurant we recently went to was in the Polynesian resort. It is Hawaiian themed and has so many yummy treats. One of my favorites was a banana stuffed french toast. It was a huge block of bread full of bananas inside. My gosh it was delicious! But, our favorite dessert was their famous Hawaiian dump cake. It sounds unappetizing, but it is so so good! It is full of pineapple juice and raw toasted coconut. It makes a crispy topping and is so delicious! Add a few walnuts over the top and you’ve got quite the dessert on your hands.

Photo and recipe courtesy of 3GLOL.




Quick Tip: Add a layer of toasted coconut after it is finished baking.

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