What If I Told You That Brandied Cranberries Are The Star On The Christmas Tree?

Oh, my heaven! These brandied cranberries are simply delightful! The first time I had them was at Thanksgiving dinner at my mother in law’s house. She had placed this pretty crystal bowl on the table filled with vibrantly colored cranberries. I really couldn’t get over that crimson red, so deep and inviting. I took a […]

Who’s Hungry For Some Festive Apple Desserts? Check Out These 7 Apple-Licious Recipes :)

Everyone is buzzing about pumpkin flavored this and that, which is fine and dandy because I am a big fan of pumpkin spice. However, apples are what truly has my heart. I love fall-themed apple desserts. It’s amazing to go to a local apple orchard and gather up some yummy flavors to take home with […]

Do You Enjoy Your Apples Hugged By Flaky Crust And Floating In A River Of Brown Sugar Syrup?

Apple dumplings have recently become one of my favorite desserts to eat. In Michigan, where I grew up, people never really ate apple dumplings so I hadn’t had them before moving to Pennsylvania as an adult. Apple dumplings are a staple dessert here in the Appalachian Mountains. I think they become even more of a […]

Do You Have Your Thanksgiving Dinner Planned? Here are 7 Recipes That’ll Help get You Started.

Wow! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe we just passed out candy to the little darlings in the neighborhood as they trick-or-treated. Now, it’s almost turkey time! Can you believe it? I am busy planning my Thanksgiving menu as I want to add some new and exciting side dishes to the table. Have […]