The Absolute BEST Cake Recipe That You MUST Try: Pig Pickin’ Cake

pig pickin' cake

If you are looking for a dessert that is truly unusual then look no further because we’ve got pig pickin’ cake in the oven!

Boy oh boy, is this pig pickin’ cake recipe ever easy to follow! Seriously! It calls for a cake mix, gasp! Now, I know some of you take issue with using cake mixes and that is fine. Feel free to make your own cake from scratch. While you are on your 7th hour in the kitchen I’ll be enjoying a delicious slice of box mix pig pickin’ cake haha! Seriously though, do whatever floats your boat and makes you happy. Anyway, let’s get back to the recipe at hand. Who here has ever made or eaten a southern pig pickin’ cake? My aunt Sharon makes this cake quite a bit but I don’t always get to eat it because she lives in the south and I live in the north.

so, i obviously had to learn to make this amazing pig pickin’ cake myself if I want to enjoy it on the regular.

Hop on over to the next page for the ingredients, instructions, and a video. Enjoy!

Thank you to Tami Dunn and YouTube for this amazing Pig Pickin’ cake recipe and video.




Quick Tip: Dole mandarin oranges are best but feel free to use any brand you see fit.