Start With Tossing Sausage And Potatoes Into Your Crock Pot…

This is always an excellent choice when going to any kind of potluck dinner. I usually opt to take this for our annual Christmas party for my family. There are about fifty or so of us so I have to double the recipe. The pan is usually cleaned right out by the time we leave. It’s so simple and affordable to make though, I can’t go wrong making and taking this. Just a note, a whole package of ranch dressing mix can be a little strong, so you might want to start with half and then continue seasoning to taste. Have fun!

Anything that I can cook in my crock pot is always a recipe I’m game to try. This one was amazing!



3 lbs red potatoes

2 lbs Johnsonville smoked sausage

8 ounces Philadelphia cream cheese (softened)

10 1ounces cream of celery soup

1 ounce Hidden Valley dry ranch dressing mix


Spray slow cooker with Pam.

Cut potatoes into wedges or whatever size pieces your family likes. You can leave the skins off or on (we like them on)throw them in the pot.

Cut sausage into 1/4″ slices and throw them into the pot.

In a bowl blend softened cream cheese, cream of celery soup and envelope of dry ranch dressing mix. Pour over Potatoes and sausage.

give it a little stir

Cook low 6-8 hours.




Quick Tip: Line your slow cooker for easier cleanup.

Thank you The Slow Cooking Housewife for this great photo.