Spice Up Your Life With Autumn-Inspired Cinnamon Apple Sugar Cake

This cake smells so wonderful as it is baking. Prepare for your whole house to smell like Christmas. Seriously, put your candles and oil burners away because you won’t need them once you have this delicious cake baking in the oven. Your entire home will be filled with the wonderful scents of the season. I make this cake during the summer months sometimes just to think about the holidays. I’m weird like that 🙂

A crunchy sugar topping? Tender cake? Sign me up!



1 cup Domino Brown Sugar

⅓ cups Wesson Canola Oil

1 Eggland’s Best Egg

1 cup HiLand Buttermilk

1 teaspoon Clabber Girl Baking Soda

1 teaspoon McCormick Vanilla Extract

2-½ cups Gold Medal All-purpose Flour

1-½ cup Chopped Apples

1 Tablespoon Land O Lakes Butter, Plus More For Greasing Baking Dish

½ cups Granulated Sugar

1 teaspoon Cinnamon


Preheat oven to 160ºC (325ºF). I used a ceramic casserole form 22×33 cm (9×13 inch), which I placed in the cold oven before turning it on. I find this to be good when baking in ceramic forms, otherwise I find that the dish needs a longer baking time than it would need another kind of dish. You will not need to do this if using a regular cake pan.

With an electric mixer, whisk brown sugar, oil, egg, and buttermilk. Add baking soda and vanilla extract. Mix in flour and then chopped apples.

Melt butter in a small pan. Remove from heat and add granulated sugar and cinnamon. Stir to mix.

Take the casserole form out of the oven (if you decided to use a ceramic dish as well). Place a small knob of butter into it and move it around the dish with a brush to grease the form all over. Pour the batter into the dish. Top with the butter-sugar-cinnamon mixture. Place back in the oven, but don’t forget the dish is already hot (I forgot and burned my fingers).

Bake for about 40–45 minutes or until deep golden brown.





Quick Tip: You can serve the cake warm or at room temperature.

Thank you The Pajama Chef for this great photo.