Creamy, Sweet, And Delightful: Country Corner Fruit Salad

I think one of my most favorite things to eat during the summer months is fruit. I especially love fruit when it is in season in my area because that means that it is local and fresh. Nothing beats stopping at a roadside fruit stand and picking up a few pieces of fruit to nosh on as a sweet treat. Making fruit salad is a wonderful way to enjoy summer fruits and I always love making them. Plus, the following recipe calls for a creamy glaze to go on top of the fruit salad which makes it taste even better than it already does. So, who is going to be making this delicious fruit salad with em this summer?


I agree with Cynthia, this fruit salad is so simple to prepare. Very easy and tasty!



1 pkg 8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese, softened
1 can(s) sweetened condensed milk
1 8 oz. Daisy sour cream
choice of diced fruit except for pineapple & watermelon


1. Mix first 3 ingredients until well blended.
2. Add mixture to diced fruit and toss. Serve chilled.



Quick Tip: I hollowed out a watermelon and served this scrumptious salad inside of it. Yum! You can do the same with a pineapple. Use the watermelon/pineapple fruit for a sweet treat later on.