Get Your Clam On With This New England Chowder Served In A Bread Bowl

I remember the first time I ever had New England clam chowder. it was when i was a little girl and home sick with the flu. My mom made me a can of it and I thought it was the best tasting soup that I’d ever had in my life. It was so rich and creamy. Yum! My mother started making it from scratch after that because she saw how much I liked it. Her homemade versionw as so much better tasting than the canned variety and contained a lot less sodium. Mom would serve her soup with oyster crackers. Such great memories! I found this delicious recipe a few days ago and I’m excited about trying it out. And guess what? This particular recipe calls for bread bowls. Yummo!

This is one of my husband’s favorite recipes. In fact, he makes this recipe a lot himself. It is so good on a snow day that you are stuck inside and feel the warmth of the house and the beauty of the snow. It is one of these recipes that give you a warm feeling inside. It is also good anytime you want to taste such a wonderful soup.


Photo and recipe courtesy of the Just A Pinch.




Quick Tip: Using sourdough bread bowls tastes the best in this recipe.


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