Beat Belly Busting Hunger Pangs With Bacon Mushroom Noodle Casserole

I am so into comfort foods right now. With the weather being so cold and the snow drifts starting to pile up all I can do is gaze out my window and dream about summer. I live in Western Pennsylvania and we have a ton of snow on the ground today.

Surprisingly, the kids didn’t have a two-hour delay this morning. Normally, they call school off if there is even a patch of fog floating around. Weird! I spose I’ll make those kiddos something delicious and comforting for when they return home from school. I’m thinking this bacon mushroom noodle casserole will do the trick!

Have you ever made this casserole before? I have not but let me tell ya, it looks ding dang good! Plus, it has bacon in the mix so how could it ever be any other than good?

Bacon makes everything better. I think I’ll whip this casserole up now and then store it in the fridge until about an hour before the kids come home and then pop it in the oven. There’s nothing better than piping hot food to greet you at the door after a long day at school or work on a chilly day. I’m pretty sure my husband will be excited about this dish, too!

Recipe and image courtesy of Just A Pinch.




Quick Tip: Serve this yummy casserole with your favorites sides like steamed veggies and rolls.

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