This Chocolate Cake Is Not What You Think It Is!

There’s a Delicious Secret Ingredient Involved!

I am not a fan of fruity icing most especially if the cake is chocolate. If it’s a frosting for vanilla cake, then that’s fine with me. But chocolate and fruits in one cake- a little bit odd for me. However, like I always say, no matter how much you find it weird, the perfect recipe will always get to you. This is one of the best things about trying recipes that you’re not sure about- you can actually fall in love with it.

I fell in love with this amazing chocolate passion fruit cake from One Bite More. I was really skeptical at first, but I was curious so I made it. I even asked my husband to taste test it for me just because I don’t trust my taste buds.

The moment his eyes fluttered close with that look on his face- I knew I was going to love it. Usually, my husband’s taste is my taste too. And when I had a forkful of my own, I was so done for.

The refreshing taste of passionfruit combined with the taste of the chocolate cake creates one amazing dessert treat that you will never be able to say no to. This is one amazing dessert that will have you speechless on the first taste. You have to try this for your family.

Photo and recipe courtesy of One Bite More.


Quick Tip: Substituting cream cheese for butter is okay. It will be a little squishier icing, but it will taste delicious.