Mighty Meatball Bites Perfect For Those Game Time Get-Togethers

Pasta and meatballs are one of my favorite dishes to have for dinner. 

I love going to a good Italian restaurant and getting a classic dish of spaghetti and meatballs. I especially love when the sauce is a homemade marinara sauce.  That is usually sweeter than traditional spaghetti sauce and adds the perfect touch of flavor to my meatballs.

Now, the only issue I have with this dish is that it is so messy! It Is a hassle to eat the pasta with all the twirling and making sure it does not end up on my shirt.  Since it can get so complicated, I figured I would take my favorite element from this dish and make it into something I can eat on the go.

Or something that is finger foods as an appetizer at a dinner party.  What I came up with was a cool and delicious set of meatball sub bites.  Now, do not be deceived by the sub bites, it is not actually bread holding the meatballs, it is a yummy puff pastry (or pie crust or whatever you prefer) that grows and gets all fluffy and is the perfect little bed for my meatballs.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Butter with a Side of Bread.




Quick Tip: Feel free to add a few diced onions in the cups before cooking.