Did You know You Can Make This Berrylicious Dessert In A Skillet?!!?

There is nothing more summer like than blueberries for dessert.  All covered in syrup, warm and with a toasty sugary crust.  So satisfying and comforting. This dessert is perfect for a spring picnic, or summer BBQ.  Everyone, even the kids, will love it and indulge in your amazing blueberry dessert. This blueberry dessert is the […]

There Really Isn’t Anything Not To Love About This Dessert Other Than It Disappears To FAST.

When my sister was little, she absolutely loved the cartoon Strawberry Shortcake.  She had every little doll and every movie and adored all of her things.  During that time, she found out that Strawberry Shortcake was actually a dessert.  So, naturally, she wanted it.  And once she tried it, she wanted it every day.   […]