Nothing Will Prepare You For This Amazing No-Bake Cake

You Only Need 6 Ingredients To Make This Divine Dessert!

Even when it’s not summer, I always have a craving for refreshing flavors when it comes to dessert. And even though something may not be in season, I still want to eat or drink it. One of these cravings of mine is lemon. I love anything that has lemon in it, whether it’s a main dish, a dessert, or a refreshing drink. Lemon is something that I crave for all the time and I don’t care if it’s in the middle of winter.

This raspberry lemon icebox cake recipe from Relish satisfied our latest craving for something lemony. I was looking for a simple and fast dessert recipe that I could make any day of the week, and this one seemed perfect for that. I couldn’t wait giving it a try so I made it that same day. After an agonizing wait of 5 hours (that’s how long this needs to stay in the freezer before serving) we attacked the cake like a pack of wolves. It was absolutely delicious!

This is definitely going to be added into our box of favorite dessert recipes. I’m probably going to make it again today, since all this talk about cake has made my mouth water!

Recipe and image courtesy of Relish.



Quick Tip: Not a fan of raspberries? Try strawberries instead.