You’ll Fall For This Broccoli Beef In A Heartbeat!

We rarely order take out in the family because as much as possible, I want to serve homemade meals to them. However, there are really those days when I couldn’t even leave my computer station. Busy days and hectic days really take away all of my time. During these weeks, my husband and I maintain a system that will allow us all to eat heartily. He often orders takeout so that we can eat it together when he arrives at home.

One of our favorite take-out food is from a Chinese restaurant beside the building where my husband works. We love their yang chow and their beef and broccoli stir fry. Another family is their stir fry noodles and dumplings.

I have attempted to recreate the beef and broccoli stir fry, but I can’t seem to achieve the tenderness of the beef. I tried using my pressure cooker for them, but they just turned out to be dry and tough. However, I found a solution and it gave me and my family the most amazing beef broccoli recipe.

Slow cooker to the rescue! Yes, this recipe involves beef cooked in slow cooker. You will find that you will have the most tender of beef meat through this recipe.

Discover the wonder of this savory and tender broccoli beef by turning over to the next page. You can find the list of ingredients and instructions in there.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can add serve this over rice or potatoes.