You Won’t Believe The 1 Ingredient Missing From This Cake

Is this even possible?

My husband loves coming home to really good food. I understand where he’s coming from. After a hard day at work, you will always search for comfort; and coming home to warm food will definitely make you feel a whole lot better. He always looks happy whenever he sees smoke coming out from the food on the table. I can always see him closing his eyes and inhaling the aromatic scent of the food.

One night, I was testing this chocolate sesame cake from One Bite More. I was intrigued by the taste of it because I haven’t tried anything that used black sesame seeds. I wanted to taste the flavor so I would know if I could use sesame seeds more often.

The aroma that filled the kitchen is undeniably amazing. You would be enticed by it until you’re too late to realize it. The mixture of chocolate and sesame in the air was so evident it wouldn’t go away for hours.

My husband went straight to the kitchen after he arrived, telling me he couldn’t stop himself from finding out what I was up to. He instantly forgot his tiredness as he instantly relaxed because of the smell. I am not saying this cake has destressing properties; but if you’re a food fan, it would definitely make you feel better.

You should try this recipe for your family. You can find the list of ingredients and instructions on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of One Bite More.


Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite ice cream.