Unleash Your Passion For This Mysterious Chocolate Cake

The passionfruit buttercream is the best frosting for this slightly bitter cake. At first I was a bit skeptical because I am not a fan of passionfruit, but this cake truly does taste good with it as its frosting. I will admit though that I will probably try this with cream cheese frosting soon, but for now, you have my word that this cake has the perfect blend of bittersweet cake and creamy frosting. You will never go wrong with this amazing cake recipe.

Check out what our friends from One Bite More have to say about this recipe:

“She was right, of course, for despite being a cocoa-only cake it had a wonderful bitter depth to its chocolatey flavour. But her bag was too full from the five months’ worth of supplies that had to go with her and the cake was long gone.”

It has that hint of bitterness that somehow balances the sweetness in this cake. You will realize how much that hint of bitterness makes this cake more delicious than it might have been without it. You don’t believe me? You just have to try it.



For the cake:

1 C Domino sugar
1 3/4 C Gold Medal self raising flour
1 C Hershey’s cocoa powder
1 tsp Arm and Hammer bicarbonate of soda
1/4 C Wesson vegetable oil
2 Eggland’s eggs
3/4 C Great Value natural yoghurt
3/4 C Borden milk

For the passionfruit buttercream:

3 passionfruit
250 g Land O Lakes butter (cubed, at room temperature)
3 C Domino icing sugar



For the cake:

Mix the sugar, self raising flour, cocoa powder and bicarb soda in a bowl until evenly combined.

Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl and mix until smooth and gloopy.

Separate the mixture into two 25cm round tins that have been greased and lined. Bake in a 160C oven for 40 minutes (checking at 35 minutes to see if they’re done and keeping an eye on them for the last five).

For the buttercream:

Beat the butter in a stand mixer until it looks slightly lighter and fluffier.

Add the icing sugar and passionfruit and beat until well combined.



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Quick Tip: To make self-raising flour, you can just add two metric teaspoons (they should be about 5ml in volume each) of baking powder to a cup of plain flour and then mix well by sifting. Measure the amount you need from the sifted lot.

Thanks again to One Bite More for this amazing recipe.