This Savory Egg And Cheese Soufflé Will Take You To Cloud 9

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Breakfast is the most important part of the day. It’s not just a theory anymore; we can all prove it. We always eat breakfast because it serves as our boost to start our day. It always provides us with the energy we need to deal with a busy and hectic day. I knew very few people who don’t eat breakfast. Most of my friends tell me they can miss any other meal, just not breakfast. The same goes with my husband who eats the most during breakfast. Sometimes he even brings something to nibble on as he drives himself to work.

As a wife and as a mother, I always make sure that they all eat breakfast. The breakfast I prefer for them during weekdays are mostly rich casseroles. On weekends, we have waffles or pancakes or French toast.

This egg and cheese souffle from Mr. Food is the perfect breakfast casserole for me. It has the the ingredients needed to fill the body with enough energy. It has egg and cheese for protein and there’s the white bread for the carbohydrates.

The best thing about this casserole is that it’s easy to throw together. I can easily whip this up without sacrificing the flavors. My family loves this; they can easily devour one small casserole container.

If you want a copy of this recipe, you can flip over to the next page. You can find the list of ingredients and instructions in there.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mr. Food.


Quick Tip: For a creamier souffle, assemble then refrigerate this several hours before planning to serve. Bake just before serving. (It could take 10 to 15 minutes longer to cook after being stored in the fridge).