Swiss Chard Lamb Bake: A Meal You Don’t Want To Miss!

Pure bliss, that’s what this is!

What makes casserole recipes important to you? For me, casserole recipes are important because they are easy to put together. They are also rich and flavorful enough to become instant attractions to anyone. Most casserole dishes are also really cheesy, which automatically makes them my family’s favorites. They can never say no to a dish oozing with cheese appeal. Whenever I make casseroles, I make sure that there is plenty of cheese in there.

I recently just discovered this new casserole recipe from Country Living. For the first time in my cooking life, I used lamb for a casserole dish. It’s not a typical meat for me so I rarely got to use it in dishes most especially in casseroles.

When I made this casserole for my family, I instantly knew that it will be included in my roster of recipes. My husband loved it, if only you can see his eyes. And my kids did too; they finished the servings on their plates.

This tastes good with a side dish of vegetables and maybe some crusty bread. I have a feeling that your family will enjoy it as much as mine does. So if you want a copy of this recipe, please head on over to the next page and grab it.

This is one lamb recipe that you wouldn’t want you family to miss.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Country Living.


Quick Tip: Serve with roasted vegetables or salad on the side.