People Will Sing Your Praises When You Serve Them This Fabulous Meal!


I had a three-day business out-of-town for a project meet up. Our sons are left alone with their father, and I am so confident they wouldn’t starve because my husband was by far one of those who could really cook. What I was just afraid of was him spoiling them. My husband’s weaknesses include our sons’ puppy dog eyes. He would probably make a dessert that will accompany an equally rich main course.

During these times, I am probably most grateful for technology. Communication is easier because of it, and I can now see my family through a screen instead of just hearing their voices. The sadness of being away from them is reduced because of this.

Anyway, after three days, I could finally come home. I brought a few souvenirs for my family, which include chocolates and t-shirts. My husband loves souvenirs with the name of the place on them.

I came home to a lovely dinner prepared by my husband. The feast includes the juiciest and most tender lamb and potatoes, and a decadent chocolate cake. I missed eating lamb and was planning on cooking one recipe that week, and it’s a wonder how my husband read my mind.

You will love this leg of lamb recipe that he cooked. I found a similar one which I tried a few days ago, and you can find a copy of this recipe on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Dinner With Julie.


Quick Tip: If the bone sticks out, keeping the lid from closing, cover the lot in foil to keep the heat in, then drape a dishtowel over it to weigh it down and make sure no steam pushed through.