Lush And Totally Delicious, You Are Not Going To Want To Miss This

I hate cherries. There, I said it! I once was at a French place where my husband ordered a red crepe. We thought it was a strawberry crepe. After one bite, I KNEW without a doubt, this was not strawberry, but cherries. Ewwww. It was the first time in my (adult) life that I actually spit something out. Usually, if I do not like something, I down some water and swallow, but I will not spit it out. However, I could not with that crepe. It was positively nasty.


Now, I know this is a cherry recipe I am bringing you. I know it seems ironic. But the reason I am doing it is because this is SO GOOD, even I, the cherry hater, enjoy it. It does not taste like medicine to me, but a lush and creamy cheesecake topped with beautiful flavorful cherries. This is a happy dessert, full of wonderful flavors and makes me jump for joy when I get an opportunity to make it. This is the perfect summer afternoon dessert because it is light and totally refreshing. Give it a try and you will see what I mean! This is worth making at any time of the year.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Lemon Tree Dwelling.




Quick Tip: If you prefer, use homemade whipped cream instead of Cool Whip.

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