This Soup Is My Grandma’s Homemade Remedy For Any Illness

Every time my siblings or I would get sick, my grandma would make us a remedy soup.  It was full of chunky chicken to make us get better, warm broth and lots of rice and veggies.  It was actually really delicious, but we always hated when she made it because we knew one of us was sick, which meant the rest would soon follow.  It was tough when we would get sick at my house because with 5 kids, sickness can last a while as it goes from one little body and then into another.  It was pretty stressful for my momma and grandma, I am sure!

Well anyways, back to the soup.  This thing did wonders for us! We could have been coughing our chests out, or sneezing like there was no tomorrow, but every time my grandma served us this, we would drink it down to the very last drop (it was that good!) and we would feel better in no time.  And by no time, I mean minutes.  I think that warm broth just soothed our exhausted bodies and well, it did its magic.  I no longer live with my grandma anymore, but I still make this when my husband and I catch a cold!


Photo and recipe courtesy of Back For Seconds.




Quick Tip: Buy some rolls, or pop in some Pillsbury biscuits to go with this!


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