Charm Your Taste Buds With This Easy-To-Make 3-Ingredient Chocolate Covered Cherry Dump Cake

I can remember being a young and immature teenage and laughing hysterically when the ladies at church said they were serving dump cake at the annual potluck supper. I wasn’t the only kid who was thinking of there being piles of poopoo on the table in cake pans as my sisters and cousins were giggling too. LOL We were so bad! However, the dump cakes that the gals prepared where anything but poopoo. In fact, they tasted quite delicious! As I got older I learned how to make these infamous dump cakes and realized just how easy they are to throw together. Would you believe that this decadent chocolate covered cherry dump cake only contains 3 ingredients? Easy peasy!


I had no idea what a dump cake was but I intended to find out. And as it turned out, it’s as easy as cake-making can possibly get! I thought I’d start with a beginner-level 3-ingredient recipe, which as it turns out, was unbelievably easy! There are no measuring cups or mixing bowls involved, which means drastically reducing the number of dishes to overfill your sink or dishwasher! No muss, no fuss is what dump cakes are all about!

Recipe and image courtesy of Better Cookies.




Quick Tip: You can make a dump cake in any flavor that you desire jusy swap out the pie filling and cake mix.

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