A Chili Recipe That’s Grandma Approved!

Every year at my church potluck, my pastor’s wife takes her world famous chili.  We all call it world famous because it might as well be.  It is full of hearty goodness, warm and really comforting.

She pours a dollop of sour cream on top and sprinkles it with cheddar cheese and there we have the best homemade soup anyone could ask for.  It is full of protein and the perfect dinner for a cold night at home.  But, even if you live in south Florida as we do, where it never goes under 60 degrees, you can still enjoy this deliciousness.

This chili is her secret recipe.  She doesn’t share it often, but instead makes it for you whever you want.  I mean, she even made this for a wedding rehearsal dinner once.

You know it’s gotta be good when a bride and groom request it as their formal dinner for them to share with your guests!  This chili is the perfect meal to make at home or to take to someone’s home.  Your friends will love it, and honestly even your kids will.

Add a spoonful of rice in there and you’ve got an even better bowl of chili.  It’s hearty and delicious and won’t disappoint!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Eating On A Dime.




Quick Tip: Serve with a dollop of sour cream, cheese and scallions.

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